Who is Gibotex International ?

We are primarily manufactures of clothing and towelling. Everything is made and woven in our own workshops abroad. In consultation with our design department and our stylists, we constantly create new designs. This enables us to carry out practically any project. By working in close consultation with the client, we can offer a range of textile solutions to suit a fixed budget taking into account measurements, colours, weight, design and style. We are keen to work directly with your marketing or promotion department and by using our technical know-how and experience we come up with ideas which can be adjusted to your wishes.

Who are our target groups ?

All domestic or foreign companies using textiles, either internally or externally for promotional, professional or commercial  purposes. Any company who needs large or small quantities  of “Custom Made” textiles in order to cultivate a specific image, is a potential customer for us.

Why choose Gibotex International ?

As we manage and closely monitor our own production, we can easily meet our lead times and keep the cost down. Add to this our own technical staff, our design department and stylists and the outcome is a textile article tailored to the customer’s wishes and pre-set budget.

Our portfolio of customers includes well-known multinationals as well as small and medium-sized companies, all of whom are given a professional, personalised service.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Company Activities

Article Range

Brand-awareness textiles in any design, colour, size, weight, composition and construction according your budget.

Our Top-3 Clients

L’oreal worldwide

Interbrew Europe

Pizza Hut Europe

Product Development

In our R & D department we stress the importance of teamwork.
Designers, stylists, technical staff and salespeople are continually working together.
Input, new ideas and clients’ wishes are transferred into technical-commercial products.

Working Structure

Our financial department can negotiate and organize any type of invoicing, and  our logistical department can negotiate and organize any type of packaging and shipment. Both departments have experience in dealing with international companies. Although we are sure that our technical features reach ISO standards, we do not carry an ISO certificate for our working structure. At the moment we are investigating this possibility.

Quality Control

Organisation of QC

At the production facilities, stand-by technical employees are in charge of quality control.

Control Methods

First of all raw materials have to pass a quality control. A second daily control is always carried out, together with random checks.

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